"The act of film making is
telling stories through
motion picture".
NOBERT KELVIN "Your life experience is a moving
picture, of which you are the
director, performer, producer and critic".
"I believe in telling compelling african story for the world to see the beauty in our culture and tradition". NOBERT KELVIN

Discovering the new narratives in the world of African film

N obert Kelvin is a Nigerian born from Imo State Nigeria. His career started from Nigeria where he did several courses in photo/video production and internship with Bafot studios under the mentorship of Mr. Oludare Onasanya who is a creative tv producer and director. His love for still pictures gradually moved into motion picture and He started his film making career in Cape Town South Africa. Where he studied and worked in the South Africa film industry with practical training in tv commercials, film, documentaries and tv production.

In 2016 he did several productions with Artsy Lens Studio where he worked as Director of photography with director Jato Ehijator on this project: Dunoon (A short film), SA Girl Movie, and Trafficked Africa which won awards and multiple selection in various film festivals.

In 2018 he started his journey as an independent producer with his partner Zinziswa Soga who is his lovely wife. They both produced a silent short film which is an artistic film project for their achieve.

In 2020, during the hard lock down of South Africa due to the pandemic (Covid-19) they both wrote and produced their first feature film called “Good Parable” that got distributed
on DSTV Showmax online platform.

We are passionate about telling African stories

Nobert Kelvin is an artistic creative director on the quest to tell good African compelling story for global audience by African film makers… and we are looking forward to his new project on the pipeline which are: Unam and The Fiasco which will hit your screen soon.

Our creative team strive to get the best idea in front of our client. Led by our bright and passionate creative director developing concept from scripts to storyboards to meet and exceed clients expectations.

tv productions

We also do broadcast production from live filming to pre-recorded productions.

Film Production

One of our main goals is to make good diverse film projects that will educate and bring to light Africa stories to screen.

Post Production

We have full range, world class studio and capable hands to bring your project to live through video editing.

Production Fixers

Location Scouting, Technical Support, Equipment Rental, Crew Recruitment, Casting, Project Development.

Film Awards

5 Film Awards (Co-productions and collaboration)


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As a production film company we are open to collaboration for both local film projects and international projects.